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2+1 C1 Vaporiser Kit

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  • Buy 2 kits of C1 Vaporizers and get C1 Vaporiser kit for free. Save 33% with this promotion.

    This starter kit contains a C1 Vaporiser specifically designed for vaping our CBD vape oils, two empty and refillable pods to be filled with the CBD vape oil of your choice, a charging cable and a user manual.

  • Contents
    • 1 x C1 Vaporiser 380 mAh battery.
    • 1 x Micro USB cable.
    • 2 x Refillable pods 
    • 1 x User manual.
    Product information
    • Capacity: 380 mAh.
    • Power: 6-12 W.
    • Voltage: 3.7 V.
    • Resistance: 1.5 ohm.
    • Charging time: 1 hour (the device can been used while charging).
    • Charge input: Micro USB (charging cable included).
    • Size: 122.8 mm x 18.6 mm x 8.7 mm.
    • Weight: 23 grams.
    • Low power protection: the red LED will flash 10 times and enter sleep mode, when the battery is low
    • Anti dry-burn protection: the red LED will flash 4 times quickly, when there is no CBD vape oil in the disposable pod.
  • How to use?

    Our CBD Vape Oil is intended solely to refill the Formula Swiss C1 Vaporiser. When refilling the Formula Swiss C1 Vaporiser hold the bottle gently and open the cap carefully to avoid the spray of liquid to the mouth, eyes and skin. Pay attention to the size of the nozzle and the opening of the Formula Swiss C1 Vaporiser Pod.

    Turning the C1 vaporiser On and Off

    There is no button. The C1 vaporiser turns on automatically when you vape - and automatically enter sleep mode, when its not used to save battery power.

    Refilling mechanisms

    The refill mechanism entails the use of a refill container possessing a securely attached nozzle 13.4 mm long and 1.15 mm width, which is narrower and slots comfortably into the opening of the Formula Swiss C1 Vaporiser Pod with which it is used and possessing a flow control mechanism that emits no more than 20 drops of refill liquid per minute when placed vertically. See the width of nozzle on the left side.


    Store the product in it's original container. Keep container tightly closed and sealed until use. Containers that have been opened must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage. Do not tear up the label. Ensure adequate ventilation of the storage area. Store  in cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

    Disposal instructions

    Waste disposal according to directive 2008/98/EC and Commission Decision 2000/532/EC. This product cannot be incinerated together with household waste. Waste treatment of this product should be in compliance with relevant local regulations. Release to the environment or sewage system is prohibited.

    The container for the CBD Vape Oil is made from food grade PET.

    Safety notice

    The liquid is harmful if swallowed. If the liquid is swallowed or gets in contact with your skin, then rinse your mouth and wash your skin thoroughly after handling, and call a poison center, doctor or physician.

    Using the CBD Vape Oil is not recommended for:

      - Pregnant and breastfeeding women.
      - People allergic to any ingredient of the CBD Vape Oil.
      - People under 18 years old.
      - People suffering from cardiovascular or respiratory diseases.
    Warranty: 30 days. Read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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